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THE LEGEND: During World War II, a South African Air Force squadron existed, shrouded in an aura of intrigue, simply known as "Squadron 5."


Assigned to the African theater of operations, their missions carried an air of mystery. Operating under the cover of night, their aircraft darted through the darkness, using dimly lit enemy camps as navigational landmarks, executing precise bombing runs that left the enemy bewildered.


Their leader was an enigmatic figure with a calm demeanor and strategic brilliance. He guided the squadron to victories that defied expectations. Their success fueled whispers of secret aircraft technologies, as the enemy never reported hearing the aircraft before they struck, only occasionally seeing streaks of light as the camp lights reflected of the aircraft fuselages giving these aircraft the nick name of “Sternschnuppen” German for “Shooting Stars”, these “Shooting Stars” instilled fear in the German camps of the African theater as they had no warning of their impending doom.


The truth behind Squadron 5's prowess may forever remain elusive, but their legacy endures as a testament to the brave South Africans who operated in the shadows, defending their homeland with valor and resourcefulness. In the annals of World War II history, Squadron 5 or the “Shooting Stars” remain a captivating and enigmatic chapter, their true story forever intertwined with the mysteries of the past.


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    • A modern cut T-shirt made from 100% Cotton (Solid colors) or Poly-Cotton Blend (Melange colors), providing a lightweight, durable, and comfortable T-shirt that is perfect for all-day wear.
    • Available in sizes: MEDIUM - 3X EXTRA LARGE.
    • Every shirt comes with a Tag containing the legend behind the shirts art design.
    • Proudly manufactured in South Africa.
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Our shirt boasts a comfortable, relaxed fit with sleeves that strike the right balance and a longer body length —not too baggy, not too tight. It's designed for everyday comfort without sacrificing style. Suitable for all day summer wear.



We use environmentally safe, water-based inks that are gentle on the planet and soft to the touch. These inks not only create vivid contrasts but also bring our designs to life with vibrancy and detail. Plus, they're safe to iron, ensuring your shirt remains pristine wash after wash.



When you purchase a shirt from us, you're not just acquiring a piece of clothing; you're embracing a story. Each design we offer carries a history, as vibrant as the South African spirit itself.

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