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THE LEGEND: In the heart of the Knysna Bush, a legendary figure emerged, a colossal African bush elephant known to the locals as "Groot Poot" in Afrikaans. Groot Poot was no ordinary elephant; he was a magnificent giant, a living relic in a land where his kind had been driven to the brink of extinction.


With an almost impenetrable hide, Groot Poot was a guardian of his dwindling herd. Faced with the relentless encroachment of ivory hunters and the loss of their natural habitat to agriculture, Groot Poot was determined to protect his kin.


His legend grew as tales of his formidable defence of his herd spread through the region. Groot Poot's sheer size and strength struck fear into the hearts of those who dared to threaten his family. He stood defiant, battling hunters, and leaving a trail of awe and caution in his wake.


By the turn of the 19th century, Groot Poot's legend remained, a testament to the indomitable spirit of nature. He embodied the resilience of a species on the brink, a symbol of the Garden Route’s once-great elephant population, now dwindled to memory but forever etched in the lore of the Knysna Bush.


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    • A modern cut T-shirt made from 100% Cotton (Solid colors) or Poly-Cotton Blend (Melange colors), providing a lightweight, durable, and comfortable T-shirt that is perfect for all-day wear.
    • Available in sizes: MEDIUM - 3X EXTRA LARGE.
    • Every shirt comes with a Tag containing the legend behind the shirts art design.
    • Proudly manufactured in South Africa.
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Our shirt boasts a comfortable, relaxed fit with sleeves that strike the right balance and a longer body length —not too baggy, not too tight. It's designed for everyday comfort without sacrificing style. Suitable for all day summer wear.



We use environmentally safe, water-based inks that are gentle on the planet and soft to the touch. These inks not only create vivid contrasts but also bring our designs to life with vibrancy and detail. Plus, they're safe to iron, ensuring your shirt remains pristine wash after wash.



When you purchase a shirt from us, you're not just acquiring a piece of clothing; you're embracing a story. Each design we offer carries a history, as vibrant as the South African spirit itself.

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